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Pillows on Mattress


A mattress is one of those things that most people never clean in their lifetime. Even though we come in contact with our mattress every day, recent studies revealed that your mattress is one of the dirtiest things present in your home. It may be surprising but our mattress harbors billions of bacteria, which makes it dirtier than your toilet seat according to recent testing. The reason is simple, we wash our toilet frequently but never clean or maintain our mattress despite the fact that we spend half our lives on it. People who have the most hygienic practices are missing out on this important area.

Another fact that many people overlook is that your mattress can also affect the air quality of the bedrooms, which poses a health risk to you, your family and your children. How does the mattress get so dirty? The reason is our sweat, which is a perfect nutrient for bacteria, fungus, microorganisms and other germs. Each person produces about half a liter of sweat every night without being aware of it. While most hygienic people can’t stand sweating for even a day, we tend to let it breed germs on our mattress for months or years in a row. On top of that, the tiny creatures called dust mites also find a safe haven in your cozy mattress and there can be at least 2 million of them on a single mattress at a time. These reasons are good enough to consider cleaning and maintain your mattress more frequently.

At justclean IT, we specialize in mattress hygiene, deep cleaning and sensitization to make sure your mattress is the cleanest thing in your room.

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