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Surprising Reasons Why Your Mattress Is Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat

A mattress is one of those things that most people never clean in their lifetime. Even though we come in contact with our mattress every day, recent studies revealed that your mattress is one of the dirtiest things present in your home. It may be surprising but our mattress harbors billions of bacteria, which makes it dirtier than your toilet seat according to recent testing. The reason is simple, we wash our toilet frequently but never clean or maintain our mattress despite the fact that we spend half our lives on it.

People who have the most hygienic practices are missing out on this important area. Another fact that many people overlook is that your mattress can also affect the air quality of the bedrooms, which poses a health risk to you, your family and your children. How does the mattress get so dirty? The reason is our sweat, which is a perfect nutrient for bacteria, fungus, microorganisms and other germs. Each person produces about half a liter of sweat every night without being aware of it. While most hygienic people can’t stand sweating for even a day, we tend to let it breed germs on our mattress for months or years in a row. On top of that, the tiny creatures called dust mites also find a safe haven in your cozy mattress and there can be at least 2 million of them on a single mattress at a time. These reasons are good enough to consider cleaning and maintain your mattress more frequently.

At justclean IT, we specialize in mattress hygiene, deep cleaning and sensitization to make sure your mattress is the cleanest thing in your room.

Here are some of the most disturbing things that you had no idea are present on your mattress.

  • Bed Bugs

It may give you creeps to know that bed bugs can easily invade a dirty mattress. Looking at these microscopic creatures closely may frighten you more than anything. These bed bugs may be most commonly found in residential mattresses as compared to the hotels. The reason? Hotel mattresses are more frequently cleaned and maintained. These tiny tremors can bite you on the skin and cause itching and welts. They are also known to cause allergic reactions in certain people, especially the babies. At justclean IT we use specialized process of deep cleaning and steaming to eliminate all bed bugs completely.

  • Human Waste

Human waste is not just limited to the loo. Our body produces waste in a number of ways. our dead cells and other excretion is continuously released from our body in the form of body fluids, dead skin cells, and body oils, which are continually deposited in our mattress each night. It can cause a dull smell to our mattress in a long run and also cause breakouts on your skin and back when you sleep on it. That’s even worse if you are using someone else mattress. Either way, it is gross and deserves to be cleaned frequently just like we clean and maintain everything else. The advanced deep cleaning phase applied exclusively by justclean IT ensures that all kinds of waste is removed from your mattress leaving behind no traces.

  • Dust Mites.

What’s worse than a six-legged spider? It’s an eight-legged dust mite. Dust mites are not very different from the bed bugs in terms of creepiness. They find a perfect home, a breeding ground and nutrition on your mattress due to the sweat and the dead skin cells that can deposit deeply in your mattress. Deep cleaning is usually required to effectively remove and sterilize the mattress making it mites free and dust free. It’s easy for dust mites to get to your bed mattress through air and dust. Their main food is the dead skin of human beings who sleep on the mattress and usually shed their skin overnight. Since they are living, eating creatures, they are bound to produce waste and droppings which is deposited right there on your mattress. For some people, it can cause allergic reactions, while for the rest it’s just simply gross. justclean IT also ensures that 100% of the dust mites breeding on your mattress are removed through various techniques disinfection, sterile killing, and multi-stage cleaning process.

  • Chemicals

A number of chemical substances are present on our mattresses, including the flame retardants, pesticides and other chemicals that may accumulate over time. these chemicals can be toxic to our health since we are exposed to them directly each day for a long exposure time. The mattress is probably the single most important item in your bedroom that you need precisely clean and maintained. Toxic chemicals are completely removed in multi-washing justclean IT procedure.

  • Other Unhealthy Pollutants

There are a number of other things that are deposited on your mattress. If we study our mattress under a microscope it can tell a story of our lifetime, or maybe other creatures that are secretly living with you such as cockroaches. Cockroach dander is a commonly found allergen present in most mattresses. Other common allergens include dander of dog, cat and the well-known dust mites. Your kids may have a separate bed but they will eventually get exposed to it at some point. A number of fungal spores also resided in mattress samples that were tested, including Cladosporium, and Aspergillus. Apart from that, common bacterial infestations were found to be the staphylococcus and streptococcus series, fecal bacterial and lactobacillus. These are well-known agents of disease. You may also find decomposed food traces, cosmetics and even sweat.


All of us have heard that early to bed, early to rise will make you healthy, wealthy and wise. However, that’s not true with a dirty mattress. To get things into perspective, your mattress gets exposed to up to 26 gallons of sweat each year if you’re single, and double it if you are a couple. You may be wishing that you could somehow unlearn these hard-hitting facts, but the only effective thing we can do is to clean our mattress more frequently not only for our satisfaction but also to ensure promising hygiene. justclean IT will make your mattress new today with its eco-friendly and effective non-toxic agents. We are available every single day with our quick and reliable services for you and we guarantee 100% satisfaction in results.

Mattress cleaning has never been this easy before. Contact us now on justclean IT at get your mattress all clean and comfy right away. You will feel the difference the very next morning you wake up on your newly cleaned mattress!

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